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Electromagnetic Testing
Electromagnetic Testing for your Home and Workplace
EMF's/EMR's (electromagnetic frequencies/radiation) surround us more and more everyday.  We are currently a population being used as an experiment by the technology industry and there aren't many people taking notice.  These frequencies emit from wireless technologies such as cell phones, wireless Internet, computers, cordless phones and other devices.  What people don't know is that they interfere with how the cells of the body function.  The radiation/frequencies are not the same as those of the body and with constant exposure the cells lose communication with each other which leads to inflammation and results in disease.  Some diseases overexposure to EMF's has been linked to are:  Autism, ADHD, sleeping disorders, mental disorders, diabetes, cancer and others.  Unfortunately if the EMF's are not removed, health will continue to decline.
If you or someone you know suffers from any of these problems or have symptoms that doctors can't figure out it may be beneficial to have your home/workplace tested.  We come in with specialized equipment to help determine if you have any areas in your surroundings that may cause dysfunction. 
We are passionate about this topic because we saw Chantel's son go from a diagnosis of being autistic to turning around and losing his diagnosis by eliminating the electromagnetic radiation in his surroundings.  It's not always easy for people to eliminate them but it's easier than watching someone's health decline.
If you are interested or have any questions on this topic please call us!