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"Network Spinal Analysis inspires us to trust the healing power within us."

~Deepak Chopra, MD

Network Spinal Analysis approaches the concept of wellness through the belief that you perceive much of the world through your central nervous system.

You process the information garnered by the five senses - sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell - through the brain, the spinal column, and the myriad of nerves that are dispersed throughout your body like an intricate web of innate intelligence.

It's through this nervous system that you perceive the world, coordinate your body parts and functions, adapt to stresses, and express all of your emotions whether it's your reaction to dinner or your reaction to what happened that day at work.

There are times, however, when the influx of input is too much and your system is overloaded or, in some cases, traumatized. Now, overload or trauma can be a whole host of things - i.e., any type of physical, emotional or chemical stress such as relationship troubles, a fall, poor eating habits, or environmental toxins, be they recent or from your childhood.

Tension and trauma always find a way to manifest in your body, which you will experience in a variety of symptoms such as neck and back pain, stiffness, headaches, poor posture, fears and many other long-term health ailments. Much of what other disciplines seek to correct through massage, manipulation, medication and therapy is really the result of underlying, unresolved tension stored in your body. Over time your physical changes to these traumas result in the development of a stress physiology and a defensive posture, both of which limit your overall well-being.

The good news is that these hidden tensions can be useful. Much like fuel stored in reserve, NSA employs this long-dormant energy to transform your life.

How Does Network Spinal Analysis Work?

As greater brain/body awareness is achieved through Network Care, the body begins to move away from those defensive, adaptive patterns that are no longer needed. Thus creating greater ease and flexibility in your spine and your life. You can experience more freedom from past stresses, traumas and programming that may have been blocking your potential from greater health, happiness and well-being.

Entrainments assist in shifting the focus from areas of dis-ease to areas of free energy, intelligence, power and peace. A light touch to these areas is enough to redirect your tension and enable your body to use this fuel in a positive manner.

Network Care enhances all that you are doing; yoga, exercise, therapy, meditation, etc. Our practice's purpose is to assist you in connecting with your inner rhythms of peace, ease, and the ability to self-regulate tension. Because when your body works more efficiently, so does your life.


Research at the medical college at UC Irvine studied almost 3,000 people receiving Network Care. The study demonstrated that patients in Network Care reported significant improvements in physical health, emotional/mental health symptoms and life improvement. The study also reported that "effects of Network Spinal Analysis are cumulative and global, affecting all areas of life...a strong connection exists between Network Care and self-reported positive changes overall health and well-being..."

For more information you may visit: www.associationfornetworkcare.com