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Dr. Courtnee Pingaro, D.C.


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My 2 year old son, Breyton, had enlarged lymph nodes for months and was scheduled to have a biopsy. My husband and I knew that in order for his little body to recover quicker that we needed to get him to the NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) doctor, as much as possible, beforehand. My husband and I took him for the biopsy after a few adjustments and the doctor asked if he was the same little boy that he had seen the week before. There was nothing to biopsy!! We know that if it weren't for the adjustments that our "Bear" may have endured a lot of unneeded tests. The body's innate ability to heal itself is amazing, but some times it needs a little help, and that's why I believe NSA Chiropractic care is so important! Carrie A.~

For 2 years I had been having chronic, daily headaches and my neck was so stiff I could hardly move it. I went to see different doctors and they couldn't find anything. I was extremely frustrated and hopeless, not only because I was taking pain-killers daily, but also my life was miserable. I had to quit my job, my relationships with friends and husband were affected negatively, too. I started to isolate myself. One day an alternative medicine physician suggested me to see Dr. Courtnee Pingaro to see if she could do "anything". I started with her chiropractic treatments and I remember the very First day that I left her office. I felt as if a lot of tension/weight was off of my head and neck! The very first day I started feeling relief! What amazed me the most is the treatments are just slight touches to the spine. After a month and a half I can say I am back to myself again! I will continue with these "magical" treatments and doing my part to continue to feel better! Thank you so much, Dr. Courtnee! Maria D. ~

I lucked upon Dr. Coutnee at a community function-the chance meeting could not have been more timely or appreciated. My position as a special needs teacher has on-going varied levels of stress. Network care has allowed me to refocus my life and reduce unwanted stress in both professional and personal areas, to a very noticable degree. I no longer feel great fatigue and am much more able to focus on what is important, instead of sweat the small stuff. My school-aged daughter also receives benefit from Network care. Being an advanced student also brings it's own "baggage", yet with ongoing sessions, she displays a strong emotional and psychological well-being. She is able to handle the increased workload and expectations with a much more relaxed and positive outlook. She displays greater confidence and has significantly less self and environmentally induced stress. We both have found a new direction and drive to improve our quality of life through exercise, meditation, and dietary changes-all these changes have been well needed. Dr. Courtnee, through her sessions, has provided both of us with numerous benefits on so many levels- physical, emotional, and psychological, which have resulted in an overall improved quality of life. Dr. Courtnee is genuinely interested and concerned for her patients and is very clear on her goal to improve health and quality of life for everyone that walks through her door. Sherri A.~